PictBridge ( picture of bridge, Eng. For Bridge ) is a standard that allows printing images from a digital camera or a mobile phone without the use of a PC. Typically this digital camera using a USB cable is connected directly to the printer. PictBridge is not set to a USB connection, but can also be other connectivity options such as Bluetooth use, for example. Current digital cameras and printers offer but usually only the path via USB.

How PictBridge

To make printing works via PictBridge, digital camera and printer must support the PictBridge standard and can be connected together, for example via a USB cable. Can be started via the user interface of the digital camera then the pressure. If necessary, allow the camera to make additional settings, such as the image size. This depends on which features are supported by PictBridge digital cameras and printers. The PictBridge standard only requires a subset of the features as required functions, the need to support any PictBridge-enabled device. In addition, are described still recommended, optional and vendor-specific functions in the PictBridge standard, which need not be offered by any PictBridge - enabled device. The choice of the type of paper is one example of the optional features. This has the disadvantage that only those functions can be used, which are supported in common by both devices. If you buy a device that can be found either on the packaging or on the logo a clue what features are supported PictBridge standard. Most here only helps reading the manuals of both devices or sampling, as appropriate, after the purchase.

History of PictBridge

The manufacturer-independent PictBridge standard (CIPA DC -001- 2003) there since June 2003, a revision 2.0 was published in 2007 (CIPA DC 001-2003 Rev. 2.0). For the standard Japanese organization Cipa (Camera & Imaging Products Association ) is responsible. Even before PictBridge there was the possibility of direct printing from a digital camera. However, this worked mostly between digital cameras and printers from the same manufacturer. Meanwhile, the PictBridge standard but is supported by most major manufacturers.