As a fruit cake cakes of different preparation are designated with fresh or canned fruit.

Fruit cake with fresh fruit is usually prepared for each harvest the fruit used. However, modern preservation methods also allow for a preparation out of season.

Fruit cakes are often served in Germany with whipped cream.

Even cakes with fruit topping (see fruit pies ) are sometimes colloquially referred to as a fruit cake. Square pieces of sheet metal as fruit cuts.


Fruit cake in this sense have cake, where the fruit - is mitgebacken - depending on the type of fruit used as a whole ( berry fruits ) or sliced ​​(apples, pears, etc.).

Use find different doughs ( batter, shortcrust pastry, yeast dough ). When preparing batter with the fruit is embedded in the dough and sinks for some species during baking cake in these. When cooking with yeast pastry or cake can be baked blind, to prevent soak-through. The fruit is placed after baking and sprinkled with sugar.

For fruit cakes, fruits are, in contrast to Tart, mitgebacken. The fruit may be open, be with baked dough covered with ( Covered fruit cake) or such as the sponge cake with apple pieces.

Known examples of flat fruit cake on plate or baked in round springform pans are: Covered apple cake made ​​from batter, plum cake ( " plum " ) from yeast dough and tart tatin pastry.