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Alta Langa is the name of an Italian sparkling wine with the status of a Denominazione di origine controllata (short doc) from 142 municipalities in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, Piedmont. The area is located on the right bank of the river Tanaro in the Langhe area.

The sparkling wine is made ​​using the conventional method (Italian metodo classico ) bottle fermentation and thus belongs to the family of spumante. After the wines of Franciacorta and Trento, the Alta Langa is since 31 October 2002, only the third area of ​​origin of controlled origin for Spumante in Italy.

The sparkling wine is made from 90-100 % of the Pinot nero and / or Chardonnay. A maximum of 10 % may still local grape varieties are used. The sparkling wine is available in the colors Alta Langa Spumante bianco (white), Alta Langa Spumante Rosato ( Roséschaumwein ) and Alta Langa Spumante rosso (red sparkling wine). The wine must be at least 9 months, but better yet mature 18 months in the bottle.

Sparkling wines with vintage details, the so-called Millesimato, remains at least 24 - 30 months on the yeast before it can be marketed.

The first vintage Metodo Classico - Alta Langa was the 1998, the total production was just under 400,000 bottles.

Definition of the area of

The approved vineyards spread over the municipalities of: