Pierre Bonnet (naturalist)

Pierre Bonnet ( born September 1, 1897 in Villefranche -de- Rouergue, † 16 August 1990 ) was a French Arachnologe.

Life and work

Pierre Bonnet was the son of Eugène Bonnet, a teacher, and Clotilde, daughter of the Comte Jean -Baptiste de Villeneuve. He studied in Vic -en- Bigorre of the Hautes -Pyrénées, before he was called up for military service in January 1916 (World War I 1914-1918 ). In April 1919 he was discharged with the award of Croix de guerre from the army. After the war he resumed his studies in Montpellier and Toulouse on again and closed in zoology from in 1922. He was then taxidermist ( Préparateur ) at the University of Toulouse ( Université de Toulouse) where until his retirement in 1962, he remained his entire career as a lecturer. The title of his dissertation of 1930 was La Mue, l'Autonomie et la Régénération chez les Araignées, avec une étude of Dolomedes d'Europe. Thèses présentees a la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse pour obtenir le grade de Docteur there Sciences Naturelles.

In 1930 he wrote a paper about the phenomenon of molting ( ecdysis ) and regeneration in arachnids, especially with reference to the European species of the genus Dolomedes to describe. Bonnet published about 50 scientific papers and 1945 they were the result of very extensive observations of hundreds of specimens that he -. Had kept and bred - sometimes for many years. He studied example the life cycle of Philaeus chrysops ( Salticidae ), Latrodectus geometricus and Theridion tepidariorum (two Theridiidae ), the Physocyclus simoni ( Pholcidae ) Filistata insidiatrix ( Filistatidae ). In 1945 he published the first volume of Bibliographia Araneorum. The last band then appeared in 1961. In this he analyzed countless works and literature about spiders before the year 1930. He indicated the scientific names, lists the errors and misinterpretations that have been made ​​by their original authors and lays down strict rules for the synonyms on.

The International Society of Arachnology awards awards, including the Pierre Bonnet Award for Devoted Service to the Advancement of Arachnology as an award for outstanding work in Arachnologie.


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