Pierre Rapsat

Rapsat Pierre ( born May 28, 1948 in Ixelles, † April 20, 2002 in Verviers, actually Pierre Raepsaet ) was a Belgian singer-songwriter.


Rapsat was born the son of a Flemish and a daughter Asturian refugees. When he was six years old, the family moved to Verviers. After he had already made some experience with various music groups, he launched his solo career in 1973. Its blend of chanson and rock music was initially not very successful, but he has published over years at regular intervals albums in English and French. In 1976 he took part in the Belgian decider for Euro Vision Song Contest, which was organized by the Walloon television station RTBF entitled Avant- Première Euro vision. With the self-composed song Judy et compagnie to the text by Eric van Hulse he won the preselection against the other four participants. When Euro Vision Song Contest 1976 in The Hague, he was with the song, which is now the title of Judy et cie wore reach eighth place with 68 points. After further publications he succeeded in 1982 his first major commercial success when he sold 30,000 copies of his album Lâchez les Fauves in French-speaking Belgium. After many more albums he succeeded in 2001 with Dazibao first time a success in France.

Rapsat died in 2002 due to cancer. He lived until his death in Verviers. A few days before his death appeared the best-of album Tous les rêves, which reached number one in the Walloon charts on May 4. Posthumously, a number of other best-of albums was released, which could be placed in the Belgian album chart. Seasons - Anthology volume 1 reached number one in the Walloon charts and stayed 54 weeks in the top 50th Moreover reached two of his earlier albums again the charts.



  • 2003: Tous les rêves