Pietro della Valle

Pietro della Valle ( born April 2, 1586 Rome; † 20 or April 21, 1652 ) was an Italian explorer, travel writer and composer.

Pietro della Valle dealt early on with the science and the art of poetry. 1611 he took part in an expedition against the Barbary States with a Spanish fleet. After he had taken in Naples solemnly the pilgrim dress, he embarked in 1614 in Venice on a pilgrimage to the Orient one. The journey took him to Turkey to Egypt and Arabia, and from there to Jerusalem through Syria and Persia to India.

He remained more than eleven years in these parts, and learned their languages ​​, population and geographical circumstances very well. However, his major work is not free from a certain naivety and legend.

It was not until 1626 he reached with a handsome oriental entourage back to Rome, where Pope Urban VIII appointed him an honorary chamberlain. Valle devoted himself again to scientific studies and the preparation of his book of travels, under the title: . Viaggi descritti in lettere familiari ecc (Rome 1650, 1653, 3 volumes) was published and soon translated into French ( Paris, 1661-63, 4 volumes, Rouen 1745, 8 volumes) and into German ( Geneva, 1674) was translated. The work consists of 54 letters to a friend and testifies to the author's versatile erudition and keen powers of observation, although it also tell of gullibility and the inclination, miracles, is not free. He was also a thorough knowledge of music and acted in the musical life of Rome as an inspirer and adviser. After Valle spent some time as a refugee in Naples because of a murder committed in anger, he returned with papal approval to Rome, where he died on 20 or April 21, 1652. His grave is located in Santa Maria in Aracoeli.


  • Viaggi di Pietro della Valle il pellegrino con tutte le cose di minuto ragguaglio notabili osservate in essi: descritti da lui medesimo in 54 lettere familiari ... all'erudito ... Mario Schipano; divisi in tre parti, CIOE la Turchia, la Persia e l' India ... Vit Mascardi, Roma 1650 - 1658 Volume 1, La Turchia, 1650 ( digitized )
  • Namely, tear - description in different parts of the world, in Türkey, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, East India, and other far distant land managed: so find, together with a detailed Erzehlung all Denck and merck appreciates art stuff in it and encountered erstl. V. d authore itself [ ... ] beschriebnen in Italian language, and features in 54 send .Schreiben in 4 d. Genff: Widerhold 1674th

It can be assigned to secure him a few compositions, these are some vocal and instrumental works. In addition, he also appeared as a librettist in appearance.