Pietro II. Orseolo

Pietro II Orseolo was the 26th Doge of Venice. He ruled 991-1009 beneath him., The phase of the eastward expansion of Venice for the next 500 years began.

On repeated complaints of the Dalmatian city-states in 997 the Venetian fleet reached under Orseolo to the Slavs of Narenta on Christ - Ascension 998 and defeated them eventually. Since then, Pietro bore the title of Dux Dalmatianorum ( Duke of Dalmatia ).

The date of his victory was in the Festa della Sensa, the Ascension Festival: thought (specifically Sunday after Ascension), it became the oldest festival in Venice. It was by the Doge and the Bishop of Olivolo blessed the water at the Lido and asked to always happy rides for the Navy. In the German -speaking world this festival is also called " marriage of the Doge with the Sea".


Pietro Orseolo married Maria Candiano, the daughter of the 24th Doge Vitale Candiano. The couple had five sons:

  • Giovanni Orseolo (948-1008), co-regent as Doge of Venice
  • Orso Orseolo (988-1049), Bishop of Torcello and Patriarch of Grado
  • Ottone Orseolo (993-1032), co-regent and later 27th Doge of Venice
  • Vitale Orseolo (c. 998 ), Bishop of Torcello
  • Enrico Orseolo