Pietro III. Candiano

Pietro III. Candiano ( † about 959/960 ) was the 21st Doge of Venice. He reigned from 942 to 959


Pietro was scion of the powerful Candiano family, which had replaced the series of Partecipazio - Doge and as this was aiming straight for the creation of a hereditary monarchy in Venice. From 864-881 the Candiano presented five doges.

Pietro was the son of the 19th Doge Pietro II Candiano and grandson of the 16th Doge Pietro I Candiano. Like his father he was Petrone, nicknamed the "Big Pietro ". He had four or five sons, of whom the eldest, Pietro, initially co- regent and his successor in 959 Dogenamt was. His son Domenico was Bishop of Torcello, another son, Stefano, is said to have acquired the slave trade a fortune.

The Dogenamt

Pietro III. was elected by the People's Assembly to the Doge.

944 he imposed in support of the Patriarch of Grado successfully a naval blockade against its competitors, the Patriarch of Aquileia. He organized two campaigns against the residents on the islands Paganiens in the eastern Adriatic pirates who made ​​the Adriatic unsafe. 951 he received a number of trade privileges that were even extended as well as its predecessors of King Berengar II.

Pietro's son conspired against his father and worked resolutely to to tear the sole authority in Venice itself. First, he sat with the support of the National Assembly through his appointment as co-regent of his father. Then he gathered with the assistance of Guido of Ravenna and Berengar's a strong team around and forced the doge to give up his office.

His exact date of death and the place of his burial is not known.