Pilsach is a municipality in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate and a member of the administrative community Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

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Geographical location

The village is located in the Upper Palatinate Jura Pilsach, the Upper Palatinate part of the Franconian Jura also called Franconian Alb. It is located in the Valley of Pilsach, which flows through the town and flows north of Neumarkt in the Schwarzach. West of the Ottenberg rises.

Community structure

The municipality has 27 Pilsach officially named districts:

  • Ammelhofen
  • Anzenhofen
  • Bernthal
  • Bräunertshof
  • Danlohe
  • Dietkirchen
  • Eispertshofen
  • Eschertshofen
  • Giggling
  • Haber mill
  • Habertshofen
  • Hilzhofen
  • Inzenhof
  • Cloister
  • Laaber
  • Long mill
  • Litzlohe
  • Niederhofen
  • Oberried
  • Pfeffertshofen
  • Pilsach
  • Raschhof
  • Snow mill
  • Tartsberg
  • Unterriedenberg
  • Wimmersdorf
  • Wünn

There are the following districts: Dietkirchen, Laaber, Litzlohe, Oberwiesenacker, Pfeffertshofen, Pilsach.


Pilsach belonged to Rentamt Amberg and the district court Oberpfaffenhofen of the Electorate of Bavaria. The Lords of Orban had an open Hofmark here. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community.


On January 1, 1972, the formerly independent communities Litzlohe and Pfeffertshofen were incorporated. On 1 January 1978 Dietkirchen and Laaber were added. The smaller portion of the dissolved municipality Oberwiesenacker followed on 1 May 1978.


Coat of arms

Blazon: In Gold over two diagonally crossed black stray forks a red crowned and red reinforced half black lion with red sword through the throat and head.

The emblem has been used since 1978.


  • Castle Pilsach ( one of those locks, where Kaspar Hauser was allegedly held captive in his childhood and youth)
  • Fortified church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Cemetery in Dietkirchen (instead of grave stones are used on the planted with roses wrought - iron cemetery only grave crosses).
  • Wind power plants at Laaber

Wind farm

Three wind turbines of the REpower 3.2M114 with 143 m hub height and 114 m rotor diameter in construction