Pimenta (genus)

Allspice ( Pimenta dioica ), illustration

Pimenta is a genus of flowering plants in the myrtle family ( Myrtaceae ). For at least two types spices and essential oils are obtained.


The home ranges of the species are in the Neotropics. Cuba is the center of diversity, with about seven species. Some Cuban species are threatened with extinction.


Pimenta species are evergreen trees. The leaves are simply standing against leathery and entire.

In zymösen inflorescences, the flowers are borne. The cream-colored to white flowers are radial symmetry. There shall be two-seeded berry -like drupes.

Types (selection)

The genus comprises about 12 to about 15 species:

  • Pimenta adenoclada ( Urb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta cainitoides ( Urb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Allspice ( Pimenta dioica (L.) Merr. )
  • Pimenta ferruginea ( Griseb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta filipes ( Urb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta guatemalensis ( Lundell ) Lundell (home: Central America )
  • Pimenta odiolens ( Urb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta oligantha ( Urb. ) burret (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta podocarpoides ( Areces ) Landrum (home: Cuba)
  • Pimenta racemosa ( P.Mill. ) J.W.Moore: Pimenta racemosa var grisea ( Kiaersk. ) Fosberg
  • Pimenta racemosa ( P.Mill. ) JWMoore racemosa var


Synonyms for this species are: Amomis O.Berg, Cryptorhiza Urb, Evanesca Raf, Krokia Urb, Mentodendron Lundell, Myrtekmania Urb, Pimentus Raf, Pseudocaryophyllus O.Berg. .. .. .


Pimenta racemosa: