Pinamar is a major seaside resort in eastern Argentina. It is located in the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic and is the capital of the eponymous Pinamar Partido. The city has 20,592 permanent residents and is one of the fastest growing cities in Argentina.


Pinamar is located on a flat part of the Atlantic coast with wide sandy beaches. Around the city there are some pine forests, but the soft, more and more hotel and holiday home complexes. The surrounding area is part of the Pampa level. The climate is oceanic and temperate with moderately warm summers and mild winters.


The area of the resort was originally part of a ranch whose owner Valeria Guerrero aufstellte the first beach huts. In 1938 she commissioned the architect Jorge Bunge with the forestation of the dunes and the establishment of a seaside resort. In 1940, the road network was created in 1942 opened the first hotels and restaurants. Although the site soon experienced a rapid boom as a tourist center and has been connected to the railway network in 1949, he was recognized in 1978 as an independent community. Between 1980 and 2001, the population quadrupled from 4,500 to over 20,000, an end to growth in sight due to the spread in Argentina phenomenon of urban flight.


Pinamar Argentina was in the exclusive seaside resort, where prices especially in the outskirts Cariló and Valeria del Mar were affordable only for high earners. Today, this has changed somewhat, also members of the middle class will visit the seaside resort thanks to some preisgüstigerer hotels, which has led to a boom in tourism. About 500,000 people visit the site per season.