Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Fantasies is a 1992 originally developed by Digital Illusions CE for Amiga classic pinball simulations and successor of Pinball Dreams. Distributed it was from 21st Century Entertainment for Amiga, CD ³ ², PC, Jaguar and SNES.

Unlike many predecessors, the game was characterized by the fact that the playing surface was larger than one screen, the visible image area was - according to the game balls - moved up and down, making a very high level of detail is achieved.

As already Pinball Dreams included this game four different tables:

  • Party Land is reminiscent of an amusement park
  • Speed ​​Devils theme motorsports
  • Billion Dollar Game Show is a game show -like table
  • Stones ' N Bones is based on a haunted house

Pinball Fantasies was technically more advanced than Pinball Dreams and offered in two different resolutions, three pinball for the first three tables and finer animations. The fourth table had the peculiarity that there could be played with a second ball at the same time when the first ball was trapped in a pit. Music and sound were, as in the predecessor, composed by Olof Gustafsson in a Tracker module format.


Reviews of the Amiga version:

  • Amiga Action 11/92: 95%
  • Amiga Games 11/92: 84 %
  • Amiga Computing 1/93: 90%
  • Amiga Format 12/92: 90%
  • Amiga Power 12/92: 89 %
  • Amiga Joker 11/92: 83 %
  • Powerplay 12/92: 78 %

Reviews the Jaguar version:

  • Video Games 8/95: 72 %