Pinedjem I

Pinudjem I was, during the 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ) around 1070-1055 BC High Priest of Amun at Thebes and about 1070 as well as 1054 to 1032 BC, king of Upper Egypt is under the rule of Smendes I. , Amenemnesut and Psusennes I..

Pinudjem I was the son of the high priest and the Pianch Hereret and succeeded his brother- Herihor high priest of Thebes. As Smendes BC Pharaoh was in 1069, he achieved the recognition of his sphere of influence by him, in return he recognized his kingship. He has since testified as a military commander and governor of Upper Egypt from the Fort el- Hibeh to the island Sehel at Aswan.

In 1054 BC, his son Masaharta the office of High Priest of Amun, during Pinudjem I. himself as the King ( by KA Kitchen), whereas it this for another school of thought ( Jansen - angles ) since 1070 BC BC did.