Pinedjem II

Pinudjem II, also Pinodjem II, was during the late 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ) in the years 990-969 BC, High Priest of Amun at Thebes.


Pinudjem II was the son of the high priest and the Menkheperre Isetemachbit III. and the brother of his predecessor Smendes II. Pinudjem In first marriage was with his sister married Isetemachbit IV. Their son was Psusennes II. His second wife was a daughter of his brother, Nesichons. From this marriage his daughter Nesitaneb - aschru emerged.


Since both Pinudjem II and his wife Nesichons held a variety of priestly offices, they both had claims to correspondingly high income. Nesichons is, inter alia, Head of the southern foreign countries and vice- queen of Nubia.


Pinudjem II and Neschons were buried in the Deir el- Bahari. The Cachette served from the 22nd dynasty as a mummy Depot, which was created to protect from grave robbers with Sheshonk I..