Pinghe County

Circle Pinghe (Chinese平和县/平和县, Pinyin Pinghe Xiàn ) is a circle of Zhangzhou prefecture-level city, the southernmost of the nine prefecture-level cities of Fujian province. Its main town is the large village Xiaoxi (小 溪镇). It has an area of 2323.9 km ² and has 553 700 inhabitants (2003 ), the population density is 229.19 inh. / Km ².

The site of Nansheng ceramic kiln ( Nansheng yao zhi南 胜 窑址) from the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasty is on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 6-98 ) since 2006.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is made up of ten large municipalities and five municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Xiaoxi小 溪镇
  • Greater community Shange山 格 镇
  • Greater community Wenfeng文峰 镇
  • Greater community Nansheng南 胜 镇
  • Greater community Banzi坂 仔 镇
  • Greater community Anhou安 厚 镇
  • Greater community Daxi大 溪镇
  • Greater community Xiazhai霞 寨镇
  • Greater community Jiufeng九峰 镇
  • Greater community Luxi芦溪 镇
  • Community Wuzhai五 寨乡
  • Community Guoqiang国 强 乡
  • Community Qiling崎 岭乡
  • Community Changle长乐 乡
  • Community Xiufeng秀峰 乡