Pingwu County

Pingwu (Chinese平武县, Pinyin Píngwǔ Xiàn ) is the district of the city of Mianyang in Sichuan Province, China. It has an area of 5,974 square kilometers and counts 190,000 inhabitants ( 2006). In about 43,000 or 23 % of the population belong to Qiang, Tibetan, Hui and other ethnic minorities.

The mountain landscapes in and around Pingwu are a popular tourist destination. In Pingwu county live in about 280 wild pandas ( which is about 1/7 of the on the world wild panda ). Of these, about 1 /3 ( Wanglang, Sier and Xiaohegou Nature Reserve ) are particularly protected in three located in Pingwu conservation areas.

The Bao'en Temple of Pingwu ( Pingwu Bao'en si) is since 1996 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 4-156 ).

The average annual temperature in the city administration of Pingwu is 14.7 ℃. Here, the maximum temperature at 37 ℃ and the temperature minimum is -7 ℃. The average annual rainfall over several years is 866.5 mm (but subject to strong fluctuations). Due to different altitudes and different mountain constellations in the other municipalities of Pingwu the climatic conditions can there SHapINg partially different.

Administrative Divisions

The circle Pingwu consists of nine large municipalities and sixteen municipalities, including three municipalities of the Qiang and six municipalities of the Tibetans. These are:

  • Greater community Long'an龙 安镇36 268 inhabitants ( administrative seat - " Pingwu City" )
  • Greater community Gucheng古 城镇14,391 inhabitants
  • Large village Nanba南 坝镇20,505 inhabitants
  • Greater community Xiangyan响 岩 镇11,537 inhabitants
  • Greater community Pingtong平 通 镇9,981 inhabitants
  • Greater community Doukou豆 叩 镇8,929 inhabitants
  • Greater community Dayin大印 镇7,095 inhabitants
  • Greater community Daqiao大 桥镇8,125 inhabitants
  • Greater community Shui水晶 镇12,004 inhabitants
  • Community Gaocun高 村乡6,282 inhabitants
  • Community Shui Tian水田 乡4,302 inhabitants
  • Community Bazi坝子 乡7,877 inhabitants
  • Community Shuiguan水 观 乡3,855 inhabitants
  • Community Tucheng土 城乡5,947 inhabitants
  • Community Jiubao旧 堡乡3,501 inhabitants
  • Community Kuoda阔 达 乡5,450 inhabitants
  • Community Pingnan Qiang平 南 羌族 乡2,407 inhabitants
  • Community Xutang Qiang徐 塘 羌族 乡2,881 inhabitants
  • Community Suojiang Qiang锁 江 羌族 乡7,096 inhabitants
  • Huangyangguan community of Tibetans黄羊 关 藏族 乡1,567 inhabitants
  • Huya community of Tibetans虎牙 藏族 乡2,350 inhabitants
  • Si'er community of Tibetans泗 耳 藏族 乡900 inhabitants
  • Community Baima Tibetan白马 藏族 乡1,935 inhabitants
  • Muzuo community of Tibetans木 座 藏族 乡1,600 inhabitants
  • Mupi community of Tibetans木皮 藏族 乡1,014 inhabitants