Pinnacle Systems

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [' pɪnəkl ... ] is a specialist video editing software like Pinnacle Studio, as well as hardware headquartered in Mountain View, California. The European headquarters until the end of 2008 in Braunschweig, was closed with the sale of the TV card division to Hauppauge.

Pinnacle Systems was acquired in August 2005 by Avid Technology. Since the takeover, only the products for home use under the name Pinnacle are sold.

Pinnacle has driven for some time, Radio Roku under its own name, such as the "Pinnacle Sound Bridge" and the "Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music." The more expensive " Sound Bridge" has among other things an RJ45 connector and a larger display than the equipped only with WLAN " Soundbridge Home Music."

In addition, sales Pinnacle Systems under the name PCTV product family to receive TV on your computer, including the ability of digital recording and time- Shiftings. End of 2008, this business was sold to competitor Hauppauge, the products continue to be marketed under the brand PCTV.

In July 2012, Avid sold the consumer division of the software for video editing ( Pinnacle Studio, Avid Studio and other capture programs ) to the Corel Corporation.