Piotr Adamczyk

Piotr Adamczyk [ p ʲ ɔtr adamtʃɨk ] ( born March 21, 1972 in Warsaw) is a Polish actor and voice actor.

Adamczyk made ​​his training as an actor at the National Theatre School in Warsaw, which he finished in 1995 with the diploma. His high school teachers included Anna Seniuk, Mariusz Benoit, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz and Gustav Holoubek. He then studied at the American Theatre Academy in London. Adamczyk was primarily known as a film and television actor in his homeland. He starred in several television series. His breakthrough as a film actor he had in 1996 with the film CWAL directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. His greatest successes were in the presentation of historical personalities. He played in 2002 Chopin - the longing for love Polish composer Frédéric Chopin with director Jerzy Antczak and in the Italian television production Karol - A man who became pope he made the Polish Pope John Paul II dar. This role made ​​him in 2005 as one of the Poland's most popular actors. The film was produced during the lifetime of the Pope and had its premiere after his death. Italian television, the film received an overwhelming audience and in Poland, he became one of the biggest box office success in the cinema of the year 2005 2006 then followed with the production Karol -. Pope and man the second part, which deals exclusively with the time of the pontificate.

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