Pipe (car)

Pipe was a Belgian car brand from Brussels.

Company History

The Compagnie Belge de Construction Automobiles began in 1898 with the production of passenger cars, which ended in 1922. Moreover originated 1905-1932 trucks. In 1932, the company Brossel.

Participation in the Gordon Bennett Cup in 1904 for automobiles

Three vehicles were the Belgian brand Pipe 1904 at the discharged on the Taunus- round course race to named after James Gordon Bennett Jr. Gordon Bennett Cup. The four-cylinder with 13,5 liters capacity 80 hp at 1,000 rpm and contributed among the worst performing vehicles of 18 automobiles from comprehensive seven nations starting grid. Interesting is the aerodynamic fairing of nearly a ton predominant car, which was equipped with an electrically operated clutch and four-speed transmission. Two of the three starting in Belgian yellow car retired after defects. The third car reached the target of about 564 kilometers leading the race sixth.