Piping and plumbing fitting

The or the fitting (of English, here: " fitting, accessories, accessory "; German plural the fittings ) is a generic term for, standardized usually accessories in assembly technology.

Pipe fittings


In a narrower sense as connecting pieces of pipe are designated to fulfill the following functions:

  • Straight connection of fittings, such as couplings and clutches
  • Change of direction by means of pipe bends ( no bends, they are bent out of a straight pipe! )
  • Diameter changes ( reductions )
  • Branch, for example, T - pieces ( 3 way ) and crossings (4 -arm )
  • Connection to mounting parts, for example, flanges or fittings (nipple)
  • Connecting various pipe materials, such as for connecting a steel and a copper tube is used a brass fitting.


The use of the fittings in pipe processing in home installation technology has the craftsmanship bending, Expanding, Extracting especially for copper and the so-called black steel pipes replaced, because the processing vonstattengeht faster, more accurate and in some cases safer, as to be used pipes only to length must be cut.

In summary, a pipe from

  • Straight pipe sections and, if necessary pipe bends
  • Fittings or moldings
  • Pipe fittings ( for example, valves, gaskets, thermometers, manometers )

The fittings thereby has the role of adapting the pipeline progression to the external circumstances: obstacles to circumvent isolation for mounting and maintenance have to be considered, branching and diameter changes should be carried. In short, they allow you to adjust the profile of a line the design requirements, and this explains the acquisition of English (to fit: Customize " match making ").

The connection may be screwed, flanged, solder, welding, stamping or adhesive connection. The term is commonly used throughout the pipeline planning and also in building technology.


Fittings Malleable there, brass, bronze, copper, steel and plastic, and in many forms, such as angles, arcs, tees, reducers etc. All fittings are offered in accordance with their application for different nominal sizes and pressure ratings.

For screw fittings, white heart are used, which no longer have the brittleness of the casting material due to a special heat treatment, but have a certain toughness to withstand the stresses acting on them.


The shape and dimensions of fittings are governed by standards (DIN, EN, ANSI). Diameter are the nominal diameters (DN, English: nominal pipe size) (NB (nominal bore ) or NPS) staggered. Components correspond to the above features, but no standard ( or can not) fittings are called. These special designs are commonly found in high-pressure lines. Standardized fittings are usually easy to be procured bearing parts.

Copper pipe soldered fittings 1254 (formerly DIN 2856 ) standardized according to DIN EN. The fittings are characterized by a type number.

Plug and press fitting

The classic joining techniques welding ( steel), hard and soft soldering are modern techniques such as rod and presses. The sealing of the connection is on plug and compression fittings manufactured by a sealing ring (O -ring), which is located in a groove provided in the fitting.


  • Faster processing, thereby cost advantage
  • Less dangerous, because no flame insert
  • Heavy gas bottles do not need to be transported
  • No damage to surrounding objects by inadequate coverage possible
  • Clean look


  • The fittings are (this is at least in commercial processing in small dimensions by the time saved again trapped) in relation to the low material value very expensive.
  • At narrow the approach of the pressing tool is difficult or impossible.
  • It can come with subsequent leakage to short-term tightness despite Nichtverpressens. Some manufacturers (eg Viega ), however, guarantee that unpressed connections are obvious.
  • For repairs in the wall must be taken to ensure sufficient cleanliness of the old pipe.
  • Most manufacturers give their products a 5 year warranty. The leak must then u.U. be checked regularly, which is problematic for concealed installations.