Pipistrel is a Slovenian aircraft manufacturer for microlight aircraft based in Ajdovščina. The name Pipistrel was derived from Pipistrellus, the scientific name of the species of Pipistrelle bats.


Owner and director is Ivo Boscarol who got a private license for the production of aircraft on 10 November 1987 as the first Yugoslav. The name of the company for the production of ultra-light aircraft Pipistrel was chosen. In 1989, the first of Ivo Boscarol and Bojan Sajovic designed gravity- controlled microlight ( trike ) " Ajdovscina " for its first flight; to 1992, a total of 32 pieces of this model were built. After a few more trikes started in 1994 the development of the first aerodynamically controlled microlight aircraft Pipistrel Sinus, which was introduced in 1995 for the first time and in 1996 launched its first flight. 2003 a new factory at the airfield Ajdovščina was completed. Today there are models such as the Pipistrel Virus produced in series.

New ways the company went with the Pipistrel Taurus Electro, a self-launching, two-seat retractable engine sailors, which is equipped in the current version G2 with a 40 kW electric motor. The capacity of the built-in battery allows climbs up to 2000 meters. In Germany, the Taurus Electro G2 has a provisional authorization as ultralights.