Piráti Chomutov

  • Vice- champion of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1956
  • Master of the 1st League 2010, 2012
  • Master of the 2nd league in 1967, 2000

The Piráti Chomutov are the professional team of KLH Chomutov, a hockey clubs from Chomutov, Czech Republic, since 2012 the top division of the Czech Republic, the Tipsport Extraliga, belongs. Play their home games the club since 2011 in the Multifunkční aréna Chomutov, which offers 5,250 spectators. Previously, the club was located in 1948 in Podhala stadium, which was later renamed to CEZ stadium and 6000 spectators had room.


1945 ČSK Chomutov was founded in Chomutov, the 1951 Sokol Hutě in the top division of Czechoslovakia, the first league, rise. Three years later, the club finished third in the championship of Czechoslovakia. A year later, the team reached the biggest success in club history, winning the runner-up title in 1956.

Almost ten years later, at the end of the season 1963/64, the VTZ Chomutov dismounted in the second division. In 1967, the club champion of the second division and rose again in the first division. But a year later, the team finished last in the table and were relegated again. 1973 has again succeeded in promotion to the top division in which the club but only lasted one year.

In the following years the club belonged to the middle of the second league. 1984, the club even the second CNL rose in the amateur league, from. Due to financial difficulties in the 1990s, it initially failed the club to achieve sporting success or advancement. 1997 bought the renamed KLH Chomutov the club HC Slovan Usti nad Labem the license for the first league off and was after 13 years again second-rate. At the end of the season 2000 /01 the KLH even took part in the promotion round to Extraliga, but missed the rise. 2007 and 2008, the club vice-champion of the 1st league. In 2010 he reached the championship of the 1st League and qualified for the play-offs against the loser of the Extraliga playout.

2011, the professional section of the club was renamed Piráti Chomutov. 2012 reached the Piráti again the championship of the 1st League and qualified for the play-offs against the loser of the Extraliga playout. The Piráti defeated the BK Mladá Boleslav 4-3 and thus increased after 40 years of being second class back in the top flight, which Tipsport Extraliga.


Season statistics since 1997

Well-known former players

  • Jiří Hříbal
  • Ladislav Chabr
  • Jaroslav Kamiš
  • Josef Klima
  • Miroslav Kluc
  • Petr Leška
  • Petr Macholda
  • Vladislav Masek
  • Josef Mikoláš
  • Jiří Růžička
  • Josef Seiler
  • Karel Straka
  • Josef Volák
  • Miloslav Kolář