• Premji: Raghavan Chakyar
  • Archana: Malathi Chakyar / daughter
  • Lakshmi Krishnamurthy:
  • C.V. Sreeraman:
  • Mullanezhi:
  • Gopalakrishnan:

Piravi ( Malayalam: പിറവി, translated: birth ) is an award winning Indian film directed by Shaji N. Karun in 1988 The film is based on the book by TV Eachara warriers Memories of a Father. . The book itself is also based on a true story and describes the experience of the writer over the loss of his son Rajan.


Raghu is the only son of the now grown old Raghavan Chakyar and his sick wife. Now Raghu studied in the next big city engineering. His father expected him at home, so they can celebrate the engagement of his daughter Malathi. Every day he waits until late into the night at the bus stop on Raghu's return. But his son is not and also by Raghu fellow students he receives no information.

About the newspaper they learn of Raghu's detention by the police. The reason for this was a political dispute. Raghavan decides to set out on the search for his son and breaks in the city. From a police station to the next, even to the head office, he asks Raghu. But since no one seems to know about Raghu know. They deny the facts that Raghu was ever arrested.

Disappointed versa Raghavan back to the village. His daughter Malathi becomes suspicious and makes himself to the search. From Raghu comrades she finds out that Raghu has died from the torture of the police. At home, she does not bring the heart to her father to tell the truth. The turn begins to dream of a united family.


1989 International Film Festival of Cannes ( France)

  • Caméra d' Or - Special Mention - Shaji N. Karun

1989 Edinburgh International Film Festival ( UK)

  • Sir Charles Chaplin Award - Shaji N. Karun

1989 International Film Festival of Locarno ( Switzerland )

  • Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Special Mention - Shaji N. Karun
  • Silver Leopard - Shaji N. Karun
  • Nominated for the Golden Leopard - Shaji N. Karun

1989 National Film Award (India)

  • Golden Lotus Award - National Film Award / Best Director - Shaji N. Karun
  • Golden Lotus Award - National Film Award / Best Picture - Shaji N. Karun
  • Silver Lotus Award - National Film Award / Best Actor - Premji
  • Silver Lotus Award - National Film Award / Best Sound - T. Krishnanunni

1989 Hawaii International Film Festival ( USA)

  • Best Feature Film - Shaji N. Karun

1989 Chicago International Film Festival ( USA)

  • Silver Hugo - Shaji N. Karun

1990 Bergamo Film Meeting (Italy )

  • Bronze Pink Camuna - Shaji N. Karun

1990 Fribourg International Film Festival ( Switzerland )

  • Distribution Help Award - Shaji N. Karun

1991 Fajr Film Festival ( Iran)

  • Crystal Simorgh - International Competition: Superb film - Shaji N. Karun


" From the monochronic acting rich images that avoid all Flash, grow the most startling, sometimes contrapuntal set tones; Shaji them gives an equally important role and a lot of attention. His film sings us a polyphonic song of inner peace, true to a water music, on which we glide were. And at the same time, he focuses on unobtrusive an inner gap in a country like India, which is indelibly marked by colonial traces in which the contrast between country and city is immense. The political is immanent. Shaji brings us this in few, precisely composed shots before the eyes and ears, in a film language that waived as their action on false hustle and moves with gentle pulses to the flow of life, a life that in the excerpt from the Upanishads, a sacred Indian text, the prologue exists as a constantly recurring in which death is the beginning, the water of life. " by Walter Ruggle ( trigon- film.com )