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The Pirelli Stadium is the football stadium of Football League Two team Burton Albion from Burton -upon -Trent. Burton -upon -Trent is situated in the county of Staffordshire in the English West Midlands region.


Inaugurated on July 16, 2005 Stadium today offers 6,912 seats ( including 2,034 seats) and replaced the 1958 -built Eton Park. The construction costs amounted to approximately £ 6.8 million ( approximately € 7.72 million ). The stadium was opened by Barbara Clough, widow of footballer and coach Brian Clough, Sir Alex Ferguson and Dominic Sandivasci Pirelli.

The venue consists of four covered grandstands named Main Stand (main part), Popular Side ( opposite stand ), East Terrace ( stand behind East) and West Terrace ( stand behind West). On the grandstand there are the 2,034 seats in the stadium; while the opposite stand and the two are pure Located behind General Admission ranks. The visiting fans are located on the East Terrace with 1,200 seats; Moreover, they are still 300 seats on the main rank available. In the main grandstand is, inter alia, to the office of Burton Albion and several conference rooms ( the largest room seating 300 ).

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