Pirene (mythology)

Peirene ( Πειρήνη ) is called a nymph in Greek mythology.

As the father of the river Achelous, or ( Peloponnesian ) River Asopus is called, which they gave to the Sisyphus, who lived on Akrokorinth wife. Poseidon gave her two sons, and Kenchrias Leches ( the eponymous heroes of Lechaion and Cenchreae ). As Kenchrias was accidentally killed by an arrow of Artemis, she wept so much that her tears from the Peirene source in Corinth was born. According to another version of the legend, the source was created by the stamping of the hoofs of the Asopus or Pegasus, Bellerophon tamed here.

Artistic representations

The Polish composer Zbigniew Bujarski 2003 composed an orchestral work entitled Peirene.