Pirithous (Greek Πειρίθοος, latin Perithous ) is in Greek mythology, king of the Lapiths in Thessaly.

He was born of slide and is either the son of Zeus or of Ixion. At the celebration of his marriage with Hippodamia or Deidameia, a daughter of the Lapiths Atrax, the famous battle between the Centaurs and Lapiths relaxing at the foot of Pelion, in which the documents former.

Intoxicated with wine, Eurytion had caused the dispute, when he tried to Hippodamia do violence. According to other sources Ares led the fight because he was not invited alone by the gods to the festival. The fight was often chosen by artists the subject of the representation, as in the western pediment of the temple of Zeus at Olympia, the west frieze of the Hephaisteion in Athens, the Temple of Apollo to Phigalia and the metopes of the Parthenon at Athens.

Later origin seems the saga of the Pirithous and Theseus to be friendship. The latter fought at the marriage of Pirithous with hard against the Centaurs, for which he was the friend assist in the abduction of Helen from Sparta. Later, he was accompanied by Theseus in the Underworld, to assist him in the intended abduction of Persephone. As, however, the audacious sat down here tired, they felt is captivating and failed to get up again ( as it was shown by Polygnotos in the Lesche of Knidier to Delphi). Heracles, when he took out the Cerberus from the underworld, they wanted to liberate; but this he succeeded in Peirithoos only at the expense of his buttocks. Pirithous had with Theseus at Athens a Heroon.