Pirogue denotes a simple, historic ship type. A canoe is a canoe, in which the side walls have been increased by attached planks. This boot form there were and are in different parts of the earth.

Are known in particular the large Kriegspirogen or outrigger canoes of the South Sea Islanders, who transported up to 40 warriors and were moved with heart-shaped paddles in unison.

In West Africa, pirogues serve traditional coastal fishing. It is up to 20 meters long wooden boats where on a banana-shaped curved solid keel board walls are placed, with about two meters away, survives at the bow and stern of the keel. Typically, the canoes are painted in bright colors and equipped nowadays instead of paddles with an outboard motor. When landing places are preferably sandy beaches where the boats are pulled out of the water. When the canoes from the beach out to sea, they are also suitable to overcome strong surf.

The word is derived from the French dugout pirogue, derived from the Spanish -Caribbean piragua.

With pirogues very long distances to be covered. Thus, it is believed, for example, that Madagascar was settled about 2000 years ago with canoes of Indonesia / Borneo.

Departure of a pirogue of Ngor at Cabo Verde to the island of Ngor (Senegal)

Fishing boats on the beach in The Gambia

A fishing boat on the beach in The Gambia is lowered into the water