Pisonia brunoniana

The Pisonia, Germanized also called Pisonie, is a genus within the family of magic flowers plants ( Nyctaginaceae ). The distribution is pantropical. On some Pacific Islands Pisonia trees and shrubs are the dominant plant species. Is used as an ornamental plant type Pisonia umbellifera.


Pisonia species are woody plants: trees and shrubs, sometimes lianas. The plant parts are usually hairy and some species have thorns. The opposite to alternate constantly arranged leaves are divided into petiole and leaf blade. The simple leaf blade in entire.

Pisonia species are usually dioecious getrenntgeschlechtig ( dioecious ). The page or entständigen are many flowered inflorescences. The usually unisexual, sometimes hermaphrodite flowers are radial symmetry and fünfzählig. The male flowers have six to ten stamens.

Systematics and Botanical History

The genus name Pisonia was coined in 1703 by Charles Plumier in honor of the physician and botanist Willem Piso. The establishment of this Ehrentaxons and the classification of the genus is characterized by a number of inconsistencies and curiosities. For the final enforcement of the name Pisonia Carl Linnaeus is responsible, the citing Hans Sloane, Philip Miller and William Houstoun, of which he had been given basic information about the genus, took it over.

The valid first publication of the genus Pisonia was in 1753 by Linnaeus in Species Plantarum, 2, pp. 1026 synonyms for Pisonia L. are: . Calpidia Thouars, Ceodes JRForst. & G.Forst. , Heimerlia Skottsb. , Heimerliodendron Skottsb. , Rockia Heimerl, Timeroya Benth., Orth var, Timeroyea Montrouz. , Torrubia Vell. , Torrukia Vell ..

There are 15 to 50 ( 10 to 75 ) Pisonia species ( selection):

  • Pisonia aculeata L.
  • Pisonia albida ( Heimerl ) Britton
  • Pisonia brunoniana Endl.
  • Pisonia capitata ( S.Watson ) Standlschmaus.
  • Pisonia excelsa flower
  • Pisonia floridana Britton
  • Pisonia grandis R.Br. ( Syn: Pisonia alba Spanoghe, Pisonia morindaefolia Roxb ex Wight. )
  • Pisonia rotundata Griseb.
  • Pisonia sandwicensis Hillebr.
  • Pisonia subcordata Sw.
  • Pisonia umbellifera ( J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. ) Seem.
  • Pisonia wagneriana Fosberg
  • Pisonia zapallo Griseb.


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