Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows is a small town in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located northwest of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and belongs to the district of Metro Vancouver.

Your name, the city after the Pitt River and Pitt Lake, which in turn are named after the British Prime Minister William Pitt.


The city is bordered to the east / north- east by the Pitt River and to the south by the Fraser River. East of Pitt River to Port Coquitlam connects to the northeast lies Coquitlam, while located south of the Fraser River, Surrey. In the West, Maple Ridge joins.


The history of the settlement goes further back than just the general viewing by Europeans since before settlement by Europeans, the area was already settlements and hunting grounds of the First Nation. Mainly settled here and hunts the Katzie, but also other groups of the Sto: Lo. The colonization of the area by First Nations applies for some 1,000 years as secured.

Since the city is located in the Lower Mainland, their history goes back to the arrival of the first European explorers and settlers. The first European explorers of the area was in 1874 James McMillan, which in the same decade also been followed by the first settlers and a small settlement called Bonson 's Landing built. Since the neighboring Maple Ridge was was established early in the current urban area belonged originally to do so. The early settlers were mostly of English descent. In the 1910s, then larger groups settled French Canadians and Japanese. After the Second World War were the new residents, mostly people hölländischer descent

Already in 1885 reached a stretch of the Canadian Pacific Railway, on the way to Port Moody, the current urban area and leads to further growth.

In 1892, the residents of today's Pitt Meadows tried unsuccessfully of Maple Ridge independently and to become a separate municipality. Only in 1914 was a further attempt success.

Other important milestones in the city's development was the accession to the Greater Vancouver Water District, 1975, the opening of a highway bridge over the Pitt River and in 2009 the opening of the Golden Ears Bridge in 1948. However, most important event of recent years was the granting of city status in 2007.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 17,736 inhabitants for the settlement. The population of the settlement has thereby increased since the census of 2006 with 13.5 %, significantly, while the population in the province of British Columbia at the same time grew by only 7.0%. With an average age of 39.5 years, the population here is a little younger than in the rest of the province, with an average age of 41.9 years there.


Pitt Meadows is part of School District # 42 Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows. In the small small town, there are several schools, including four elementary school and a secondary school. In the adjacent Maple Ridge, on the edge to Pitt Meadows, can be found then a college.


The granting of local self-government for the settlement took place on April 1, 1915 (incorporated as The Corporation of the District of Pitt Meadows ). Over time, the status of the settlement changed several times since December 1, 2006, the municipality has the status of a city ( City).

Mayor of the municipality since 2011 Deb Walters. Together with six other citizens, it forms for three years the Council ( council) of the city.


2006 were, in terms of number of employees, the most important economic sectors: the producing sector, the trade, the Health and Welfare. However, the largest proportion of employees not working in the city, but commutes to work, for example, to Vancouver.

The average income (median income ) of employees from Pitt Meadows in 2005 was at wide average C $ 30 111, while it was at the same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia 24 867 C $. The difference in earnings between men ( C $ 40,370 ) and women ( C $ 22,317 ) is located in Pitt Meadows also significantly higher than the provincial average ( ⌀ - men = 31 598 C $, ⌀ - women = 19 997 C $).


Pitt Meadows is located on Highway 7 Highway connects coastal region to the Lower Mainland and crosses the municipality in east-west direction.

Also, the city is connected to the railway network. Through the community borders a main route of the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 2003, the local facilities were last extended.

At the southern edge of the town is the local airfield (IATA: YSN, ICAO: CZAM, Transport Canada Identifier: - ). The airfield, with a focus on general aviation, has three paved runway and runways of 4692 meters in length and 2485 meters in length near the airport is located on the Fraser River, the local Water Aerodrome (IATA: -, ICAO: -, transport Canada Identifier: CAJ8 ).

The Fraser River is from the Pacific to Pitt Meadows generally navigable and is used mainly here for the transport of wood and wood products and containers.

Public transport is provided by buses of the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority, known as TransLink. Remain in circulation and the West Coast Express to and from Vancouver and from and after the mission.


The city is been due to the proximity to Vancouver and use it for their movie studios, on various location. Have occurred to the movies for the filming here include:

  • Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler
  • Great Couples with Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Crime is King starring Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner