Piz Giuv

The Piz Giuv in a Uri leaders in 1905

The Piz Giuv ( Giuv Romansh = yoke, to German also called Shade Wichel ) is a 3,096 m above sea level. M. high mountain in the Glarus Alps. It is located three miles north of the Oberalp Pass and about seven kilometers west of the Reuss Valley on the border of the Swiss cantons of Uri and Graubünden.

Next northern neighbor is the Sunnig Wichel, which to the north by the Pörtlilücke ( 2'506 m above sea level. M. ) from 3'073 m above sea level. M. high Bristen is disconnected. Directly to the east is the Piz Nair ( 3'059 m above sea level. M. ) (. 2,347 m asl ) from the northeast across the Chrüzlipass a ridge to 3,328 m above sea level. M. Oberalpstock high pulls. To the southwest, a ridge extends to the Fellilücke ( 2,478 m above sea level. M. ). The south branch off three shorter transverse ridges which four valleys, Val Strem, Val Milà, Val Giuv and Val Val ( from east to west ) from each other.

Climbing opportunities

As a base for climbing the Etzlihütte (SAC ) serves to 2,052 m above sea level. Can be M. reaches the hut of Bristen in northern Maderanertal or from the south via the Chrüzlipass, which is accessible from Sedrun and Disentis help with lift. The Piz Giuv can be climbed directly from the Oberalp Pass as a day trip.

In summer, the route from the Etzlihütte is a high tour with rock ( sometimes very fragile) and ice passages. In late winter the Piz Giuv is a popular and challenging ski touring summit.


The Piz Giuv and its entire surroundings are mineralogically very interesting. For over 200 years the native crystal hunters go (also called emitters ) in the Val Giuv and the neighboring valleys in search of smoky quartz and other minerals. Among the most important resources in the area of Piz Giuv: smoky quartz, Milarite, adularia, titanite, epidote, calcite, amethyst, apatite and pyrite. The smoky quartz from the Val Giuv among the most beautiful and sought after worldwide. For those looking for the crystals you need a paid license of the community.