Piz Lad

Piz Lad from the east, after the autumnal snow fall

The Piz Lad (also Piz Lat, Romansh in the idiom Vallader for " broad peak ", 2808 m asl ) is a peak of Sesvennagruppe and marks the northern terminus of this mountain part. It lies above the Inn Valley in the west and the Reschenpass in the east, in the southeast is the Reschensee. The mountain falls to the north and to the Inn valley down from quite harshly, for Reschensee he shows a moderately inclined flank. The summit itself lies on the border between Italy and Switzerland, about 750 meters north of the peak is located at an altitude of 2180 m, the tri-border region where this limit coincides with the Austrian.

The easiest ascent leads from Reschen on the Reschener Alm (2020 m) on the marked trail. The summit cross is located at the northeast end of the ridge at an altitude of 2784 m, in the right flat burr profile to the southwest are two more nearly equally high hills, of which the further south west marks the highest point. The road is passable to Reschener Alm, from there it's 2 ½ hours to the summit. The scenic mountain is quite frequently visited and is also popular as a ski tour.