Piz Nair (Glarus Alps)

The Piz Nair from the north

The Piz Nair is a 3'059 m above sea level. M. high mountain in the Glarus Alps. It lies north of the Anterior Rhine Valley and east of the Reuss Valley. Over its peak is the boundary of the Swiss cantons of Uri and Graubünden.

The summit is in the chain that leads from the west in the Piz Giuv east across the Chrüzlipass ( 2,347 m above sea level. M. ) to Oberalpstock. The south branch off three shorter transverse ridges which four valleys, Val Strem, Val Milà, Val Giuv and Val Val ( from east to west ) from each other.

To the north lies the Maderanertal from which, on 2,052 m above sea level. M. lying Etzlihütte (SAC ), can be achieved in the same Etzlital.

First ascent

The Piz Nair was first climbed in 1865 by Ambros Zgraggen and F. tooth on the northwest ridge. Only five minutes later, the Uri leader Josef Maria Tresch - Exer reached the summit with the British Thompson, Mansell and Sowerby with his brother Johann Josef Tresch (later known as the Felli - Tresch ). They used the north ridge.


The name means Romansh Black Summit. The Dufour and Siegfried card (both 19th century) still wore the old spelling Piz Ner, whereas the correct spelling is actually sursilvanische Péz ner. From Placidus a Spescha (1752-1833) of the Piz Nair was called front Wichel.