PJIRC ( Plouf 's Java IRC client, pronounced: P as Pi, j as Java, irk as in James T. Kirk ) is a free IRC client that is either incorporated as a Java applet on a web page, or without a browser using the platform-independent Java Runtime Environment starts.

PJIRC is used on numerous websites and is one of the most widely used IRC applets in Java. The program is adapted and expanded using many plugins, and JavaScript.


Is developed PJIRC of the Belgian Philippe Detournay, who was also the inspiration for the name of his nickname Plouf. The first version was published in 2002. At this time pjirc was not intended for a large number of users, but as a "small test " of programming skills. Pjirc gained popularity, prompting a mailing list has been created, and the development has continued as a free software project.

On 27 March 2005, the date last version 2.2.1 was released (March 2010).