PL-4 (missile)


The PL -4 (Chinese霹雳-4, Pinyin Pili, thunderclap ') is a never- Come past the prototype stage also design a dogfight missile of the People's Republic of China.

It resembles an American AIM - 7D and was ( previously known as " Institute 607 " or " EOTDC " ) developed from 1966 in the "Air- to- Air Missile Research Academy " the AVIC1 in Luoyang in Henan Province. Due to technical problems and political interference, the delayed development of strong, so that in 1980 one was a first copy for testing on the ground and in 1984 for flight testing.

There were plans for two versions, one with a semi- active radar homing head ( PL -4A ), the other with an infrared homing head ( PL- 4B).

Since the required services could not be detected, the development program was terminated in 1985 without a weapon of this type would have been returned to active service.


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