The PL -7 is a Chinese short-range air - to-air missile.


The PL -7 is equipped to guide an infrared sensor that can detect its target autonomously without information from the launch platform. Compared to their predecessors, PL -2 and PL- 5, the rocket is considerably more agile. Some sources report that it was a re-creation of the French Magic R.550 at the PL -7. The development of PL -7 began in 1977, the series production began in 1987. Actually, the missile would have to be introduced as early as 1982, however there were serious problems with the production quality. Bangladesh received by China from 2004 an indefinite number of PL- 7 for the fighter aircraft of the type F - 7MG.


  • J -7 ( MiG -21 Fishbed )
  • A-5 Fantan