Play Choice -10 is an arcade machine from Nintendo with 10 different games. It was built in 1986. There are combinations with various games. By coin is purchased the player, unlike other arcade games, game time and can play within that, different games.


The hardware is based on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but it is not 100% compatible.

In addition, a control CPU is used, the Zilog Z80.

There are units with one or two monitors that are located one above the other. On the second monitor games - tips are displayed for this additional code is required, which is usually stored on an additional ROM chip.

The graphics of the games is the hardware, much easier than the respective original arcade versions, and equivalent to those of the NES games. The colors of NES and Playchoice are slightly different.

There are also Playchoice and Playchoice - 5 devices with one, or five games, but they are much rarer.

Related Technically, the devices of the Nintendo VS. System, where there are dual system UniSystem and devices. The latter two are practically arcade devices that are angled to each other. A UniSystem consists of a device with a control panel for two players. Both two players can compete against each other in the game at the same time.

The interchangeable game cartridges are made in contrast to the usual boards arcade machines of small, elongated plates and similar RAM modules.

Game list