Pleione (mythology)

Pleione ( Latinized Greek Πληιόνη, Plione ) In Greek mythology, a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, ie a Oceanid.

Pleione was the wife of the Titan Atlas with whom she had seven children, the Pleiades. These were, according to a widespread Tell amended its name from that of her mother. In addition, Hyas and its sisters, the Hyades, are considered children of Pleione. A word version reported that the giant hunter Orion and Pleione or their daughters, the Pleiades, pursued from lust. Therefore, the Pleiades were fleeing from Orion, were transformed to their rescue by Zeus into stars and are known as " Seven Sisters " to observe the sky. It is unclear whether Pleione itself was moved with her daughters to the sky. In other mythological sources Pleione is called Aethra.

See also the eponymous star Pleione.