Pleisbach in Sankt Augustin- Schmerbroich


The Pleisbach (formerly also Pleissbach ) is a 15.5 km long left tributary of the victory.



The 8.4 km long Logebach is the left source stream of the Pleisbaches. It is sometimes regarded as the headwaters of the Pleisbaches. It rises north of Asbergs at about 330 m height and on the district of Bad Honnef. The Logebach is crossed by two nationally significant transport buildings: the 173 m long Logebachtalbrücke the high-speed railway route Cologne-Rhine/Main and 160 m long viaduct Logebach the Federal Highway 3

The 7.5 km long Quirrenbach is the right source stream. It rises east of the hamlet Aegidienberger Wülscheid to about 260 m altitude.


The Pleisbach formed by the confluence of Logebach and Quirrenbach near the village Hüscheid ( to King Winter ) at an altitude of about 148 m. It flows in Sankt Augustin in Niederpleis district at an altitude of 54 m above sea level. NN in the victory.


After the unification of the Pleisbach flow to:

  • Laubach (left), 1.4 km
  • Hebbigsbach (right)
  • Grummigsbach (left)
  • Brudersiefen (right)
  • Igelsbach (right), 2.6 km
  • Rein (right), 3.5 km
  • Lützbach (left), 7.2 km
  • Lafkaulenbach (left)
  • Fuchsbach (right), 1.8 km
  • Blank Bach ( right), 2.4 km
  • Elsbach (left), 1.3 km
  • Freckwinkelbach (left), 3.4 km
  • Pützbach (left), 1.6 km
  • Selbach (right), 0.9 km
  • Lord Bach ( right), 2.1 km
  • Lauterbach (left), 8.3 km


Belonging to King Winter villages Oberpleis and Pleiserhohn and that pertains to Sankt Augustin Niederpleis bear their name in reference to the stream.

The Siegauentunnel were extended in its planning phase by more than 1000 m in order to avoid interference with the designated as a nature reserve Pleisbachaue.