Plopsaland De Panne

51.08232442.6010655Koordinaten: 51 ° 4 ' 56.4 " N, 2 ° 36' 3.8 " E

Plopsaland De Panne is a theme and amusement park in De Panne on the West Flemish coast near the French border. The Kusttram has a holding station at the entrance. The park was opened on 20 April 2000. Previously ( 1936-1999 ) was Plopsaland " Meli- Park". The park was named after the locations of children's programs Kabouter Plop and Samson en Gert by Studio 100

Plopsaland De Panne mainly offers family attractions: Dark Rides like Het Bos van Plop, de Ploptuin and De Draak or a few rides. These usually look like in the television programs of Studio 100 in Plopsaland De Panne the children's series are included. Other attractions such as the train, petting zoo and carousel.


Meli Park

The Meli- Park was founded by Joseph Alberic Florizoone, a honey producer, in the summer of 1936. Throughout the park the bees and beekeeping are discussed. From about 1990, the Meli- Park gradually lost its image and its visitors. Therefore, the " Florizoones " sold the park to Studio 100 still exist today in some stores of the park to buy Meli products.

Popsaland De Panne

Plopsaland De Panne opened its doors on April 20, 2000. Attractions are all addressed by one of the soap operas, children's series or the music group of the studio. There are attractions, among others, Kabouter Plop, Samson en Gert and Big en Betsy.

Opened in 2006 Plopsaland De Panne three new attractions: Super Splash, Spring Flyer and the K3 Museum. Renovated in 2007, is the Kabouter Plop - zone with two new attractions. 2009 was the new roller coaster Anubis: The Ride. In summer 2011, the new BieneMaja country was opened.

Parking structure

The park is divided into several parts or zones:

  • Input range
  • Goblin Plop Garden
  • Castle zone
  • Pirates area
  • " Anubiszone "
  • Wizzy and Woppy zone
  • " Hopping area "
  • Big and Betsy Farm
  • The fairground of Samson and Gert

The park has five roller coasters without arcing and a roller coaster ( Anubis: The Ride ) with three overs and a catapult launch, which accelerates from 0 to 90 km / h in less than two seconds. The roller coaster " Dongo 's race" ( in the Wizzy & Woppy zone) is the oldest in Belgium and was built in 1976. The " Super Splash" ( a water ride ) was built in 2006.


" De Draak " one of the dark rides in Plopsaland