PLS (file format)

The file format is PLS (English Channels ) used to store playlists and can be created or edited with a simple text editor, as it is based on the INI format.


It is supported by many popular audio players such as Winamp or iTunes. Another (also text-based ) file format for multimedia M3U lists.

File structure

An example PLS file is:

[ playlist ] Number oven Tries = 3 File1 = Title1 = My Favorite Online Radio Length1 = -1 File2 = Title2 = Remote MP3 Length2 = 286 File3 = D: \ My Music \ album.flac Title3 = Local album Length3 = 3487 Version = 2 It is case - sensitive. The length is specified in seconds.

If the specified length is smaller than the actual length, the length specified is ignored ( set to -1 to it, it is also ignored ).

Linux / MacOS X

Under Unix-like operating systems, the directory separator is the [/ ] (single slash) instead of the usual Windows [\ ] (backslash). Accordingly, all paths are specified.