Plucker is, a small computer program for PDAs, with which one specially prepared websites can read offline. In this way you go, for example, intelligence agencies, newspaper articles, television programs or events calendar handy.

To be able to read web pages with Plucker on the PDA, you still a Plucker parser (or " Distiller "), which usually runs on the desktop PC and the sites on the internet loads and in the Plucker does require the viewer itself format converts. Since this is mostly command-line programs, there are also graphical front ends, which simplify operation. Professionals use to convert pages that are not intended specifically for handheld computers, as well as a proxy filter to remove as large images or scripts from the web pages.

Although Plucker was originally developed for Palm devices, there are now a viewer for Microsoft Windows Mobile -based devices ( Vade Mecum ) for desktop Windows versions (see reference) as well as for Linux ( eyepiece, FBReader ). These programs are free software.