Plymouth GTX

The Plymouth GTX is one of the U.S. carmaker Plymouth from 1966 to 1974 produced muscle car based on the mid-range models Plymouth Belvedere or 1971 Plymouth Satellite.

Plymouth Belvedere GTX ( 1967)

In model year 1967, the work under the name Belvedere GTX offered a Sport version of the Belvedere, the scoops on the hood, a chromed " Racing " gas cap, trim, sports suspension, stronger gearbox and equipped with a standard specified with 375 hp SAE 7,2 - liter V8 had (name 440 Super Commando ). At extra cost to let the famous Seven liter Hemi V8, 425 hp officially strong order. Were offered a hardtop coupe and a convertible at prices starting at $ 3,178; the Hemi cost just under $ 700 charge.

Plymouth GTX (1968-1970)

For the model year 1968, the Belvedere has been completely revised and the muscle car was now called simply Plymouth GTX. In addition, there was with the Plymouth Road Runner, a U.S. $ 3000 under budget saving version.

Of 1969 on the GTX only minor cosmetic changes, in 1970 accounted for the Cabriolet and the two known engines came an additional 390 SAE hp " 440 Six Pack" mentioned variant of the 7.2 - liter with three double carburetors into the program.

Plymouth GTX (1971-1974)

End of 1970, the Belvedere was replaced by the Plymouth Satellite. Consequently, based on the GTX now the new model. However, this lasted only one year. Completely new was the coupé body, technically, everything remained the same. Available were still the 7.2 -liter with two power ratings and the seven- liter Hemi V8.

Due to sharp decline in sales of the GTX was taken as a stand-alone model in the fall of 1971 from the program; in the model years 1972 to 1974 there were but for the continuing Plymouth Road Runner GTX a package.

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