Plymouth Reliant

The Plymouth Reliant was one of the U.S. carmaker Plymouth from 1980 to 1989 offered the middle class car with front wheel drive.

The Reliant debuted for model year 1981 as a successor to the rear-wheel drive Plymouth Volare. It was based on the new K platform from Chrysler and was the sister model to Dodge Aries, and Chrysler LeBaron.

Compared to the Reliant, Volare about 60 cm fell shorter, 300 to 450 kilograms lighter from; but offered no less interior space than its predecessor.


For the model year 1981 Plymouth presented the new Reliant as a coupe, sedan and station wagon versions in the equipment base, Custom and Special Edition. From the Dodge Aries, he differed only by the emblems and one, which acts like a little mercedes grille. The drive served either built by Chrysler 2.2-liter inline four- cylinder with electronic carburetor and manual four-speed transmission (also available with automatic transmission ) and an assumed by Mitsubishi 2.6-liter inline four- cylinder with balance shafts, which was offered only with automatic transmission.

1982 made ​​at Reliant no significant changes.

For the model year 1983 accounted Custom sedan and coupe custom, so that only the custom wagon was still available. The performance of the 2.2-liter engine was increased to 95 hp, and at the request of the smaller four-cylinder engine could be ordered with a five-speed gearbox, which was operated by cables.

From model year 1984 emblazoned on the center of the grille emblem Chrysler Group, the five-pointed, Pentastar -called star. The Mitsubishi engine made ​​on the basis of modifications to the carburetor now 102 hp.

In 1985, the Reliant was back in three trim levels available: a basic version (not as combination ), as SE and LE. At the same time he learned a facelift with sloping, wider grille and enlarged, laterally visible and also enlarged taillights. The 2.2 -liter now made ​​97 hp.

From model year 1986, the Reliant logo was added at the rear by a large K. The four-speed transmission was no longer available; Base drive was now injected 2.2-liter with five-speed gearbox. The 2.6-liter Mitsubishi engine replaced an in-house 2.5 -liter inline four- cylinder engine, which was only available with an automatic transmission.

1987 accounted for the SE equipment, and for the first time individual seats were in place of the front seat as standard, thus increasing the number of seats reduced from six to five.

As last year, the Plymouth Horizon and the Reliant was from model year 1988 called only with equipment, Reliant America offered. The number of extras were reduced to reduce the price of 7655 to $ 6995.

In 1989, the combination was no longer offered and then the Aries - production set entirely in the summer. From Plymouth Reliant incurred total 1,080,000 copies.


The band Relient K named after the car model.