Plymouth Satellite

The Plymouth Satellite was introduced in 1965 as the top model in the mid-range series Belvedere from Plymouth. Until 1967, the Satellite remained the top model and then took the middle position, ending the GTX took on the role of the top model. Beginning in 1975, were called the middle models from Plymouth Fury and Satellite name disappeared. Satellite models were always built on the middle platform B of Chrysler.

When in 1965 a new, larger Fury harauskam on Chrysler's great C platform, the name Belvedere was "new" middle series of Plymouth passed on to the 1965 for which only a continuation of the great models of the 1962, however - 1964 was. The Belvedere Satellite was the model with the best equipment, above the Belvedere I and II Belvedere There was him as a 2- door hardtop model or convertible, both with individual seats. The front was simple in design: a single headlight on each side and a grille that was divided into four narrow horizontally arranged rectangles, as in the competitive model Fury.

1966, the Satellite was newly clothed and it was there at the request of the new " Street Hemi " engine with four -barrel carburetor and a compression ratio of 10.25: 1 In this year there was also the first time a station wagon, which was produced until 1972. Even in 1967 this model was offered with a few changes.

Along with a major revision of the design is presented in 1968 a better equipped sports Satellite ago and the name Belvedere denoted only the simply furnished models. By 1970, this body variant was offered with 1970 front and rear have been slightly redesigned. 1968 was also the first year of the Plymouth Roadrunner, who had the same body as the Satellite and Belvedere models.

1971 was again a thorough revision and Satellite received new, designed in the manner of an aircraft fuselage bodies with different wheelbases, grilles and plates for 2 - and 4-door models. The limos were in basic equipment, Custom and Brougham equipment, the two-door were called Satellite ( a coupe, the rear side windows were not open ), Satellite Sebring and Satellite Sebring Plus. The station wagon appeared in basic equipment, custom equipment or as a wooden decorated Regent models. The two-door model had an unusual loop-shaped front bumper ( a contemporary styling trend of Chrysler), and this body was also the basis for the related GTX and Roadrunner models.

1973 received the two-door a more conventional front, edgier plate and rear side windows, 1974, the sedans and station wagons new bumpers, which had 8 km / h collision speed without damage to survive. Mid-1974, the model name ran out of Satellite. Beginning in 1975, received the vehicles without significant changes had been made ​​to them, the name Plymouth Fury. They remained in the program in 1978.


  • In the television series The Brady Bunch, a Plymouth Satellite Regent station wagon emerges.
  • 1971 Jack Webb bought several Plymouth Satellite from the Los Angeles Police Department, to put them in the TV series Adam -12.
  • A souped-up Plymouth Satellite Sebring 1973 appeared on the cover of the album hack the band on Information Society.
  • A Plymouth Satellite mention The B52 's in their song Planet Claire, whose inhabitant one - is said to have " Plymouth Satellite driven faster than the speed of light ," which the singer persuaded that he " knew that it came from here ."
  • The film "Cold Around the Heart" begins with a scene in which David Caruso from a Plymouth Satellite is thrown.
  • In "Dirty Harry " movie " Enforcer " Harry crashes his Plymouth Satellite 1974 in the window of a Alkoholikageschäftes.
  • In the movie " Reservoir Dogs " dies Mr Brown ( Quentin Tarantino ) when driving in a Plymouth Satellite as a getaway.
  • The American musician Hasil Adkins published in 1987, the single Big Red Satellite, in which he sings of his car.