Plymouth Savoy

The Plymouth Savoy was an automobile, the Chrysler offered under its brand Plymouth.

Plymouth used the name Savoy for different models. From 1951 to 1953 combined was produced under this name, which was a better equipped version of the Suburban. Later ( and well known ) was the great Plymouth series of years from 1955 to 1961 that way. Finally, the name appeared in the years 1962 to 1964 in the unfortunate downsized "big" Plymouth. Also the Savoy was named after a famous luxury hotel As with the models Plaza and Belvedere.

In 1954, the Savoy was introduced as a 1955 model, he described the middle series of the brand and its price was between the smaller Plaza and the top model Belvedere. In 1959, a Plymouth Plaza and replaced him with the Savoy, which made ​​this the new entry-level model, a fate he shared with former top model Dodge Coronet.

In 1954 there was the Savoy only as a 2- door coupe and as a 4- door sedan. 1956 came a hardtop coupe and Custom Suburban (combi ) to do so. In the model years 1957 and 1958 in addition a 4-door hardtop sedan was offered. In 1959, the Savoy was downgraded to entry level. Both hard-top models were abandoned, as well as the side trim and the better interior, which he had originally possessed as a medium-duty series. However, the sales did not fall and he was so often used for taxi fleets that in 1960 a new model, the Plymouth Taxi Special arose from the Savoy series out.

Plymouth was the model name Savoy with the end of the model year 1964. Only in Canada, there was still the Savoy in 1965. Starting from 1965 the entry level model was in Plymouth large class in the United States Fury I. In Canada, were called in 1965, even the larger models, Fury II and Fury III.

In the film, Christine John Carpenter Savoy and Belvedere models were used to represent the evil 1958 Plymouth Fury -.