The abbreviation PNA stands for:

  • ( Home) Phoneline Networking Alliance, a transmission standard for networks over the telephone network, see HomePNA
  • The Pamplona airport in Spain (International Airport Code )
  • Peptide nucleic acid (English: Peptide Nucleic Acid ), a pseudo- peptide with DNA-like properties
  • Paris Nomina Anatomica, in force since 1955 anatomical nomenclature, see Nomenclature ( anatomy)
  • Parti Nigerien pour l' Autogestion, a political party in Niger, see Nigerien Party for self-government
  • Portable or Personal Navigation Assistant for a mobile navigation system
  • Palestinian Authority (Palestinian National Authority)
  • Personal alarm systems, most radio systems with and without voice communication, with which personal distress signals will be issued, see Deadman
  • The Progressive Networks Audio protocol has been developed for use from RealSystem Version 5.0.
  • The Pakistan National Alliance, a former alliance of nine parties in Pakistan
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