Pneumatic barrier

A compressed air oil lock is a device with which it can be avoided that floating liquids spread on water itself.

Action principle

Emerging from a laid under water supply pressure air rises in bubbles up and breaks water particles with it. Thus, the water level rises in the area of ​​the surface achieved bubbles. The water flows from the side. The result is a stream of water flowing against a possibly spreading oil slick and so the spread of the lock prevents time.


A laid on the bottom of the water conduit can be, for example, porous a dock shut off to prevent the spread at the time of loading unintentionally leaking oil or oil products. These are then much easier to collect, or scavenge. Compared with mechanical barriers, such as with floats, a compressed air oil boom has the advantage that it can not be disabled on the water and activated by simply turning on and off the compressed air and put out of circulation.

  • Port industry