The Paraneoplastic antigen Ma2 ( PNMA2 ) is a protein with unknown function. A participation in programmed cell death ( apoptosis) is suspected. The protein is encoded by the same PNMA2 gene is localized in humans on the short arm of chromosome 8 ( 8p21 ). The paraneoplastic antigen Ma2 belongs to PNMA family.

It is naturally produced in the brain. In addition, it is formed by certain cancer cells, most of cancer cells in testicular cancer.

Medical importance

In some neurological disorders antibodies in both the cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF) and in blood serum are detectable that the paraneoplastic antigen Ma2 are directed against the. When the disease is paraneoplastic syndromes, especially for testicular cancer: the limbic encephalitis and brain stem encephalitis. Signs of the two diseases can occur in parallel and are summarized as anti - Ma2 -associated encephalitis.

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