Pňovany ( German only Piwana, later Neuhof ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic, in Okres Plzeň- sever and the nearest village to the dam Hracholusky and the local recreation area.


The place is in 1205 its first mention in the books of the monastery Kladruby. Located in the village, opposite the castle, there was a Jewish settlement, which can be seen in traces.

Among the historical sights

  • A baroque palace from the mid-18th century
  • St. Anne's Church, originally a Gothic building from the 14th century
  • Jewish cemetery from the 19th century

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Pňovany Rájov, Chotěšovičky, Nový Dvůr.

Rail link

Despite its small size, the town has two railway connections. The Pňovany station connects the main route 170 ( Prague ) Plzeň- Cheb with the branch line 177 Pňovany - Bezdruzice. The distance to the train station to the center is about 5.5 km away. The breakpoint Pňovany zastávka situated in the east on the route 170 ( Prague ) Plzeň- Cheb. The distance to the center is about 1 km away.