POA stands for the following terms:

  • Salgado Filho airport in Brazil ( IATA code )
  • Paraosteoarthropathie; see also Myositis
  • Party of Alberta, a federalist party based in Calgary
  • Pentacyclic oxindole alkaloid pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids
  • Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas
  • Police chief official
  • Pony of the Americas, a horse breed
  • Portable Object Adapter, an Object Adapter CORBA
  • Power of Attorney, power of attorney
  • Prison Officers Association, a British trade union
  • Programme of Activities, an approach for project bundling of small projects in the Kyoto climate
  • Русская Освободительная Армия, the Russian Liberation Army, a voluntary association on the German side in World War II
  • The Pride of Arizona marching band of the University of Arizona

PoA is also available for:

  • Points of Action
  • Price on Application = Price on request ( in English advertisements)

Poa stands for:

  • Poa ( Burkina Faso), a community and a comprehensive department of the same area in Burkina Faso
  • Bluegrasses, a genus of the family Gramineae
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  • Abbreviation